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Wishlist Post 1 - 2021 Hot New Items on Aliexpress - NAIL ART | BEAUTY | JEWELRY | FASHION | LASHES

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Alright folks omg, there are a BUUUNCH of cute as frick new items (& some are just new to me) on Aliexpress and I couldn't wait to buy them first and then show them.

So I decided to make my first of many to come "wish list" posts. So make sure to read the reviews before buying anything here as I cannot personally vouch for it yet. I will try to keep things organized by sections. I believe there are a couple special promotions going on right now too so the prices on certain items are super low right now. Check the banners below for what promotions interests you.


I was asked recently in the last premiere chat about cheap but good gel polishes, I found a bunch out of curiosity, haven't tried them yet but the reviews are glowing! if and when you look at these listings you can fall into an entire rabbit hole of endless sets of gels for low prices from this brand and many others. Instead of linking them all, I'll link these 2 and you guys can click on from there!




it deserved its own section I found soo many


Ok you guys this jewelry section is going to be kind of nuts lmao bare with me here.

like I think I found one of the highest quality jewelers on Aliexpress. Their name is "OEVAS" and I will be linking their items first and then the other sellers after. OEVAS seems to be marketing to bougie brides and I like that aesthetic. Some of the items are even advertised as engagement rings and at first I was like yeah right, but honestly it is kind of believable after looking at the reviews. The reviews on their items are super high with loads of pictures and great claims about the quality. I am probably going to be getting a few things when I can decide. I usually sit on my Wishlist for a few weeks idky. Would love to know what you all think. Some of this stuff is like insane level pretty. The stones have a lot of clarity, facets and depth, apparently. The price is also insane. I am just infatuated and impressed with the stones they use. The yellow canary stuff is giving very much JLO Y2K Engagement Ring vibrations.

Lols I had all of these OEVAS items chillin in my cart. I sho will be going to Walmart dripping in my high carbon diamonds. <3 Anyways on to the everyday cute simple stuff. I actually discovered this new style of jewelry called "nuance" or "irregular". Other keywords are fairy, fairycore, kpop, vintage, indie, y2k. It's pretty cute I'm into it~


omg i am such a fan of these first ones!! the style is so new and fresh, its a mix of kawaii decoden and ethereal ornate baroque, the perfect marriage of my two fav aesthetics tbh.. I haven't ordered any yet but I am probably going to once I can decide. LMK which one you guys like the most down below if any.

KAWAII AF ICE CREAM CASES they also hold your phone up bc the ice cream is so big lmao

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Thanks for Reading Luv U xoxo

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