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Aliexpress Jewelry! Pretty but Inexpensive Nailfie Rings, Bracelets and more ~ DETAILED REVIEW

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Alright Yawl! This post will probably get a little crazy because I'm really enthusiastic about Aliexpress jewelry. Some of these will be wish list items that I haven't bought yet and I found to be interesting. I will try to leave a little review of the items I own, about how they lasted, the quality level, etc.


I LOVE THIS BRACELET! I have it in silver and gold, it reminds me so much of the old school y2k Juicy Couture charms. It's so shiny, the stones stayed in place and the metal wasn't unrealistic in color or texture like some cheap stuff I've tried before. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks of wearing non-stop the metal started to turn at the edges. You'll definitely want to keep these out of the water and only wear them for an occasion.

If you like the rings in this picture they're from JEULIA check out this post to see more of my my discount codes and more rings I have tried from them.

Enjoy 15% off by using the code: TANKU15


The rings below are actually really nice for the price, they do bend a little with a lot of force, but it's not a problem for me, I actually only found out because I was bending my rings on purpose to make them fit better. Otherwise I probably would not have even noticed. I like stuff like this for nail photos so I can have a bunch of rings that go with nail art without breaking my bank. I love the opals in these rings. I would say not to expose them to water. And as always check reviews on everything before you buy. These give me that fantasy elf vibe that I'm very fond of these days lol.

Do you like my ring holder? Stay tuned to the end of the post for details


Aight so - omg! These next rings guys Lol...There's a whole essay I have to write about this listing lol TooLongDidntRead at the end. These rings are very inexpensive, yes, but many of the sets I ordered from this listing looked nothing like the photo. They were like a sad, melted version of the picture. I also got a bunch of random stuff I never asked for and one of the sets was missing entirely. Thankfully though, I got a refund on all these tragic sets.

By the way, don't be shy to file a dispute if you're not satisfied for any reason. Even if only one stone missing. Aliexpress is really fair about this and they don't really need much more than a photo of the item and a short explanation. It wasn't like I needed the money back that bad but I just had to do it out of sheer principle. Lol. I was really looking forward to getting these because they're so gorgeous in the photos and I was so disappointed!

Theory Time: I think what's going on in cases like this is that the machine that makes these sometimes spits out a botched or flawed ring. And when there is an order like mine with a bunch of sets, they give you some that are normal quality and some that are horrible. In hopes that you will just accept the entire order and move on with your life. I'm sure most people do exactly that. Unfortunately for them, I always have time today, Cuz.

TLDR: I will show you guys which sets from my order were good quality. It's not at all guaranteed that they will arrive in good quality if you order them too. So basically, it's a crap-shoot and buyers beware.

I liked these. The oblong shaped one I got was real different though and the opals don't look THAT nice in person but it does the job for a photo, yknow.


These looked accurate to the right side of the photo. To the left, the stones look teal but they are cyan in person. Still good for $2.

All three of the above rings together. There are 2 tiara rings thrown in there on bottom row from another set)
There may be some rings in this picture that aren't included with the listing by accident


These tiara rings are from a wholesaler and the listing says they will send you any random 5 rings from the set. They come in gold and silver. I thought they looked really good and decided it was worth a try. The reviews are really good but my experience was different than some of the reviewers. My rings didn't come in a "ring box" they were in a plastic bag. I don't really care about packaging on these, I just wanted to mention that.

Pretty right? Here's what I got.

They're ok but the sizes were kind of odd, nothing I couldn't handle with a little bending. Also, they tiara design is significantly smaller than those pictured in the listing and I actually can't pinpoint in the listing photos which rings are the ones I got. So there's that. I don't hate them, they're still okay for the amount of money paid, so I didn't dispute it. But yeah there is a feeling of being duped that washes over me when I compare the two. I can't deny it lol so proceed at your own risk on these...


On to happier things.

This listing says they'll send you any random 10 of these cute rings.

In the listing photos (above) there are only circular stones, but I got shaped ones too. Loved that for me. They're really cute but they fall apart kinda fast with frequent wear, I had a stone fall out after wearing one of these for a couple of days. The band started to scratch my finger too, the metal is very low quality. They will probably turn colors so keep these out of the water. $5 for 10 rings though (they accidentally sent me 11!). I'm really good with that. I love that with these you can adjust the size and make them midi rings too.



Another banger. These I can't complain about at all.

The style is cute, they look really accurate. They felt high quality. The stones were nice. Shiny. Haven't worn them yet, so I don't know about the durability.


UGH This bracelet I absolutely adore! I haven't worn it yet either, so I don't know about durability but it's great and looks exactly like the listing photos. Albeit, a little light feeling, not heavy as real silver. It's currently on sale for the Aliexpress summer sale, so it's under $2 per bracelet, when I bought it, it was around $4.


These rings are great! Link


I really enjoyed these, they are pretty and good sturdy quality. The opals aren't the best but not the worst either. I like the look of the aged silver too. It reminds me of James Avery Rings. Link Here!


Pretty 2 Pc Pink Stone Ring! Love it! Link Here

Size 5-10 Top Selling Luxury Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Princess Cut Pink 5A Zircon Eiffel Tower Women Wedding Lover Ring Set
Love this ring, it's really nice! BTW Check out my other blog posts for info on the backdrops and hand rest.


These heart stone rings are great, and come in 3 colors. They fit kind of funny to me but that's nit picking. Link Here!

The lock ring in this photo is linked in the next section


Gold Lock Ring & Butterfly Ring

Big fan of both rings, they are really great! I get asked about them a lot. Butterfly ring is adjustable and the listing has other designs, earrings and color options.


I've worn these so much, I have all three colors. They're so durable, Easy to remove, don't fall off randomly or anything. Don't change color with water exposure. It's amazing. I get compliments on them all the time and they make nice gifts too.


Gorgeous pink and white stone bands in a ton of designs, Link Here

These are really nice and don't change colors with water exposure.


Really cute and sturdy gold & silver beaded Tiffany Dupe Bracelets


Pretty Red Crystal Ring Link Here


I liked these, I ordered 4 though and only got 3. It really irritates me when sellers on any platform try to pull fast ones like that. It's possible they "forgot" but also highly likely they were trying to get over. So be careful. Happy to say the rings I got look just like the listing.

Here's what I got


I love this bracelet so much, it feels really high quality, currently $3 for the summer sale


These rings are so pretty and interesting! I love them all, I especially like how they're adjustable but don't look tacky. They look exactly as advertised! Link


Cute, simple, stackable, and just what I needed because I have an overflow of rings at this point! If you are looking for bulk storage, check these out. For the quality and color options I think the price is the best.

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Love this!!!


09 de jul. de 2021

I like how you give a review on everything plus a link . Will we be getting more jewelry blogs ?

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Femi Beauty
03 de ago. de 2021
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yes will do!! thank you so much xoxo


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These cherries Bracelets are bomb💖💖

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