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Your Brand on FemiBeauty

Thanks for your interest in my review! I am also accepting applications for Instagram Promotions, Collaborations and Ambassadorships. Please fill the form below as completely as possible and I will respond back with a quote. By applying you agree to the following:

Terms & Conditions

  • Quote is 100% non-negotiable

  • You will get a quote for both options: 2 hand design & 1 hand design

  • Please indicate if you want the product used on my hands specifically

  • Post date is secured only after payment has been made

  • After payment there will be no changes made to the agreed post

  • Content creation is entirely up to me but I am open to suggestions

  • I don't allow previewing the video before posting

  • All opinions about the product are entirely my own

  • Feel free to suggest talking points about the product

  • Anything sent to my address that wasn't paid for or agreed to will be donated

to a local women's shelter <3

Thank you!

Apply Now

Thanks for submitting!

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