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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The title says it favorite Aliexpress nail art finds, I would consider these staples for any budding nail artist~ Many of these I own and have used in videos, some of these are on my to-buy list. Hope you find it helpful or inspiring!

These are great too, I like the organized variety of sizes and all the different colors they have

caviar beads in gold, silver, rose gold, rhinestones and flat back pearls. - Click for Link

3D Pearl Kawaii Parts - Click for Link

Slideshow Above of Gorgeous Multi Chunky Metallic Glitters ~ Click for Link

Check out this slide show above! A stunning and vast array of nail art stickers in this catalogue ranging from early 2000s y2k flowers, ornate metallic filigrees, hello kitty, Disney characters, holiday themes etc. I own a lot of these and have used them quite a lot, they come in handy when you don't know what to do to spice up a set. Click for Link

The lace and butterfly stickers in this slide show above I have used in this video , Link to the stickers here!

I used these Ornate Stickers stickers on this youtube video, link here!

Nail Art Color Mixed Flower Wood Pulp Piece Small Daisy Rose Fresh Pastoral Nail Dried Flower Patch DIY Nail Art Decoration