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MODELONES Acrylics & Lipstick Gels

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Hey guys

It has been a while since I've worked with Modelones, so excited to be branching back out to this brand! I created a rose quartz inspired set for my lovely viewer on YouTube saturnrings/gothiccgirl

Shoutout to you~


promo code femi21 for 10% off!

YAY New goods from tres she, These items really help when you run out of the glue and stuff included with the nails!


💞Polygel, acrylic & gel products!💘

Use Discount Code: FEMI10 for 10% OFF!🎀

These are the 4 acrylics I used on this set

#006 Shooting Star - MODELONES MILKY WAY Acrylic Set
#0021 Hypnosis - MODELONES NEW ROMANTICS Acrylic Set
#002 Pinking of Sparkle - MODELONES MILKY WAY Acrylic Set
#001 Etoile - MODELONES MILKY WAY Acrylic Set

I AM A HUGE FAN OF THESE OMG! Good Job Modelones Team

I used their Monomer too!

Click pictures for Links


Great gel set for beginners, good coverage, base and top coat included! Super cute stylish components!



promo code: FEMIBEAUTY 10% OFF!

type the items listed below into search bar

5XL Square 123go! Full Cover Soft Gel Nails & Sailor Magic Acrylic Brush

Squeeze, gummy gel LED/UV (Diamond Gel, Precision Glue Gel, Rhinestone Glue for Nails, Bling Adhesive Nail Art Glue Stick, Point Drill Pen, Jewelry Diamond Manicure Decoration Gel, DIY, Clear UV LED, 30 ml)~!

I got this flashy from enail but I only see his cat head flashy on the site right now

Flashy 9 LED Lamp! ( Mini LED Flashlight UV Lamp for Nail Art Dryer) super cute 2020 model/version



cheaper/longer wait time


higher price/short wait time

And as usual I used my dazzling darling lamp from enail to cure


bling links all on this post

if you guys love these beautiful rings my bestie is wearing check out the designers instagram

tools & decor items on this master list post

dental bib table protectors

Jewelry I wore in this video is from JEULIA

Enjoy 15% off by using the code: TANKU15

Jeulia Website:

Jeulia Heart cut Morganite Ring:

Jeulia Pear Cut Morganite Ring:

Jeulia Round Cut Morganite Ring:

Pink Flowers ring:

Pink ring 1:

Pink ring 2:

Tennis bracelet:

Nail Bestie Taylor of BeGlamorous Nails Channel & IG wanted to share her Aliexpress jewelry finds with you guys too, how pretty are they??!!? Thanks for sharing sis!!

Thank You XOXO!

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