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MAKARTT Build Your Own Polygel Kit + CandyKoated GLOW Acrylics

In this video I am trying out the new standalone polygel shades from Makartt and their build your own kit system! Great idea for gifts or special occasions.

MAKARTT Build Your Own Polygel Kit BUNDLE

I also used these items from Makartt

Dual Forms from Makartt x Femi Beauty Collab Polygel Kit

Rhinestone Gel

Iridescent Crystals

Blue Rhinestones

Heart Glitter

Any items that are out of stock, don't worry, I think there will be a restock!

code femibeauty for 15% off!

CandyKoated Kreations

Shoutout and thank you to Candice.Joyner1980

I used Glow Acrylics called "I'm Blessed" which glows blue, "Clear to See" which glows green and the neon pink shade is called "Can't Stop"

All super beautiful and smooth acrylics with a buttery feel.

Intense pigment but dont bleed!

code FEMI for 15% off!

Low Odor EMA free Monomer from TheNailTribe

code FEMI for 10% off!


code Femi21 for 10% off

Style: Cherry Cola - Ultra Long

I also used their nail glue to glue on the tips


Enail Couture

code FEMIBEAUTY for 10% off

search for these items on the site

Sailor Magic Acrylic Brush


Enjoy 15% off by using the code: TANKU15

my v shaped pear stone ring is from jeulia!

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