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Champagne Splendor🥂

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

This video is sponsored by Makartt, some links may be affiliate links but all opinions are mine as always!

Hey kawaii gang~

This is my first blog post since the debut of FF on social media! I want to say thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the mailing list! I'm happy so many of you are finding it helpful. I'm really excited for the future and have a bunch of fun posts planned already, yay.

This set was created on my good friend for an upcoming wedding she will be attending. Her dress is a champagne color so I did a freestyle based off that. Everything used in the tutorial will be listed below and I tried to keep things organized by sections!💖


I used my Nude Gels collab with Makartt, the color called "Peachy". It's kind of like a fan favorite from what I've seen on IG so far. I am completely obsessed as well. Been dying to do a full set with just Peachy for a time now.

You can get the gel set on Makartt's site or Amazon 💘

If you decide to grab it from the Makartt site you can save 15% off with code FemiBeauty


All charms used I bought from Aliexpress~


I used the Ballerina full cover nails included with my Polygel kit Collab from Makartt

Makartt sold these Ballerina full cover nails separately at one point but I think they are out of stock for now. If you guys want alternatives for full cover XXL coffin nails I'll list a few below! I know it isn't practical to buy a whole polygel kit just for the nails.

123 GO Enail Couture XXL Coffin Full Cover Nails - These are my preferred XXL Coffin full covers, they have a high apex and deep C curve. Also the apex is placed where I like it to be, further back towards the cuticle. They are pre-etched on the inside (it will look matte) which helps with adhesion. Most orders ship out on the same day. Search on the site for XXL Coffin

Code FemiBeauty for 10% Off

As another option, there are a lot of ballerina XXL full cover nails on amazon, it just depends on your specific budget and quantity needs. I'll link the ones I found interesting. Make sure you apply the coupons on these in the listing.

And finally old faithful Aliexpress!

These look cute but I haven't seen any pictures of people wearing them on the reviews. Still look nice though. Based on reviews, it seems like orders are arriving to people within the span of a month so if you're willing to wait you can save a lot of money. They're about $5 for 240pcs.


save 15% off with code FemiBeauty

save 15% off with code femi15

Primer & Dehydrators I mentioned in the video:

find these items through their search bar

Pink Diamond Cuticle Bit

Dazzling Darling Pink Lamp

Sailor Magic Acrylic Brush

Dust Collector

save 10% off with code FemiBeauty

Amazon Misc. Items Used

Aliexpress Misc. Items Used

Shoutout to for my canvas print!

~If you enjoyed this content all the ways to support it further are below~

Thanks for Reading Luv U xoxo

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Thank you for this vlog and sharing your work on youtube *squeals* I love it sooo much. Can you orovide a song list for this oeachy/champagne set WMW video? 🙏


Simone Aviane Griffith
Simone Aviane Griffith

thank you for creating this blog and the wealth of information youre sharing. Ive already found amazing finds thanks to this ❤️ #TriniFan



I love your collab with Makartt! The Nude Collection is gorgeous and versatile. Great tutorial, too!

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