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Recent Aliexpress Finds Shared on IG

In my spare time I have been quickly posting my aliexpress finds on IG but I haven't posted them here yet!!

Recent Drip

so into this bougie gold look rn!!

i already linked all nail rings on this post

my huge rose quartz and tiger eye ring are from

local houston artist Eli Yusef

CUTE AF Contacts!!

I wore these all day long yesterday and I kept forgetting I had them on!

these don't cloud your vision, very thin and comfortable

the color is very complimentary, my friend said if she didn't know me she'd think they were my eyes! Wow! I got the color called STAR MOON BROWN

Lashes I wore in those pics, Theyre so thin and realistic omg! My friends love these too!

Super Cheap for a huge bulk amount

Drill Bits Sterilizer

5 Minute Press-On Toes!

Sun Catcher

Silver Nail Rings

i already linked them all on this post

Thats all for now thanks for reading xoxo

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