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Acrylic Nails Compilation #1


use code FEMIBEAUTY for a FULL 35% OFF


Mias Secret Primer & Dehydrator on Amazon

My Holy Grail Primer for MAX Adhesion: YN Protein Bond

Promo Code: FEMI15 for 15% OFF!

Cover Blush (nude acrylic that I use a lot)

Snowflake (milky white acrylic)

Enail Couture Acrylic 12 Brush MY FAV Acrylic Brush Hands Down

search "Sailor Magic" to find the listing


Alternative: Makartt Aquarium Brush Size #12 (These type of synthetic hair brushes don't last very long for me but it's a decent cheap alternative)

Crystal Pixies from Aliexpress

I got my FLASHY from enail but it is currently Out of Stock

Here are alternatives!

ENAIL Cat Head Flashy (search flashy lamp)



cheaper/longer wait time


higher price/short wait time

And as usual I used my Dazzling Darling lamp from Enail to cure

(search Dazzling Darling)


I pretty much used the same items listed above plus some extras!

so anything that is new or different shown in this section of the video that I used in this set will be listed below!

MAKARTT XXL Half Cover French Tips (soo beautiful love these)

Very Strong Steel Scissors from Aliexpress

Promo Code: FEMI15 for 15% OFF!

Cover Blush (nude acrylic that I use a lot)

Sooo pretty this is my fav pink acrylic ever

JC Beauty actually has some nice bundle deals going on right now for super cheap!!!

JC Beauty Bundle #2 is only $59.99 WOW

Cute Heart Dappen Dish I used is from Aliexpress

Burano 3n1 Base Coat Gel

I use this all the time for my natural nail prep

Bling used from Aliexpress ~ click pics for links!

If you are interested in more bling links click here

for my bling master post hookup

a lot of the tools, props and backdrops etc I use are linked on

my tools master post click here

Table Protectors

Promo Code: FEMI15 for 15% OFF!

(I mixed Cover Nude & Dakota for the nail bed)

Cover Blush (nude acrylic that I use a lot)

Dakota Magical State (glitter nude)

Snowflake (milky white acrylic)

Angel Eyes (fine iridescent shimmer)

Super Helpful Nail Clips are from MAKARTT

Loose Glitters from Enail Couture

Search on Site: Twinkle Story Vol 1 Glitter

This thing helps to bend the alloy to have a curved back, helps a lot!

I couldn't find the exact designer logos because i think aliexpress takes them down for copyright infringement dmca so this is the best one I could find, sorry about that loves!!

Cute Gold Heart Alloys from Aliexpress

I bought my pink crystal dish from Zulays before my friend found it on Aliexpress (shoutout BeGlamorous Nails Taylor)! So, if you want to get yours faster, I would say go with Zulays, if you want to save go with Ali.

Pink Crystal Dish from ZULAYS

The Big Pear Stone on this set is from Aliexpress

Size 10x13

I used Shaped stones - such as the butterfly, small square and big heart stone are from LongHairPrettyNails Crystal Kit!

The stone picker I used in this last tutorial comes included with the kit!!

And finally the top coat I used on this set was from this Burano Polygel Kit

Check out my review here

My client in the last set wore these rings

I wore these gold rings in the second set

💎Shop Jeulia Jewelry!💎 Enjoy 15% off by using the code: TANKU15

I wore these in the last tutorial

Enjoy 15% off by using the code: TANKU15

Finally that's all! Thank you for reading & Watching xoxo

Have a great day

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