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123go JELLY Purple Soft Gel Nails | GLOW Valentines Day Cupid Bling Nail Design | ENAIL GIVEAWAY!!!


Code FemiBeauty for 10% off


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Giveaway ends Feb 14 2022

About the STICKERS !! soo I cant find the link for the exact ones I used but here are similar themed stickers from a brand I love!

all my background items are on this post



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Would love that pink ENC lamp.. love ❤️ your work & realness..not smute if this qualifies for entering yr generous giveaway.


heaven sanchez
heaven sanchez
Jan 24, 2022

been looking at these nails for a couple of days now cuz of that purple shade and shape so gorg !! 😍😍


Jeanne Young
Jeanne Young
Jan 20, 2022

I don’t always get as bougie as some others do but I absolutely love love love the way you don’t follow any rules but your own when doing nails!


Suburban Doll
Suburban Doll
Jan 18, 2022

Ouu pretty😍


Vanessa Gillon
Vanessa Gillon
Jan 16, 2022

You went ham with this set! I love how you have your blog for everything! I'm definitely a blog girl! Just ordered a hand for more practice nails! Yay!!

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